you have hid yourself unto me

from by peter j hochstedler



all the old roads have lost me
beckon and exhaust me
trumpet sound--a train passing through

my old land
old arcs in old sand
trace out a face--something new

sparrow framed in a tree
hop, feathered, twitching, and lightly
you have hid yourself unto me

my dark heart
beckon and receding
unclothe your frame in my feathering room

good lord, i'm wanting
i be made of something!
you have hid yourself unto

my gaudy gaze
bark-limbed, you embrace
none but you tree, you be, you chiseled and

free for gazing
drawn and erasing
you have hid yourself in my flickering view

all the old roads have lost me goodly
i walk dirt, i wander the woodly
i love the gaze of the face of the city
it sparrows the furrows of the features of creatures oldly new


from sketches around a city, released September 4, 2011




peter j hochstedler South Bend, Indiana

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