i met him downtown
he was furry and brown
goateed and groomed
with a burger king (TM) crown

and a suit a la mode
he'd been sleeping around
put his hoof in my hand
he was cloven and grand

he'd been working the crowd
growing grain from the ground
he said we're finding a cure
oh we're impossibly near

see these scars on my brow
thorns are old hat now
we've got pills, we got flour
i smell peace in the air!


i beat the tarnation out of him
chipped a chalice from his chin
scratched his lip on the rim
filled that cup to the brim

i made a cadaver out of him
tore out his intestine
gave it to my friend
so she could eat again

i made a pile out of him
socket and limb
built a ladder from his bones
it reached up into heaven

i climber a ladder out of him
saw angels descend
they were righteous and grim
they were kicking him in the shins

they soaked his meal with gin
struck up some flint
it was a beautiful glow
it was a devilish show

we made ash out of him
he got turned to carbon
it was the sexiest sin
i wore the grossest of grins






peter j hochstedler South Bend, Indiana

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