they set me up.

all hail the unarguable cock-click
all hail the impossible party trick
saltpeter in the veins of a mountain
saltpeter in the chamber of a gun
peter come to your place where the people are
peter strumming eyes-closed on the guitar
smallpeter with his brain there rattling
tinyass peter with his mouth there, muttering
petermutter about a mountain in his brain
peterstutter bout a chamber in his veins
peter beat around the pit where the trouble is
can’t look straight at the place where the devil lives
see his head there bent by the light rays
see his body there rent in a light fray
head here, body there, with the bullet marks
making slight quark waves, bullets in his slight frame buckled

give me a moment to explain this abyss!

“we could trap him in a corner of space time
we could strap him to the shaft of a saltmine
we could pin him with the point of a light cone
vandalize his inner chamber when he isn’t home
cock-click, clock-tick, how about them mountains now?
talkpeter, saltlick, you and your broken brow,
you got some nerve with your tinyasspartytrickpickle
making noise with a sock stuck in your mouth.”

when all the world over will love one another, will be a beautiful sound
when all the rumbling chambers crumble together,
will be a beautiful sound,
will be a beautiful--

I, peter, have a rock loose
you could collapse me if you want to
make me scramble up my metaphors
make me ramble bout a saltwar
keep your pickle cockhard with my salt brine
keep your rifle cocksure with my saltmine
cock crowing out the corner of my space time
your cock crew with a saltpeter gunchime
witness! I saw jacob in the desert land
witness! trading blows with a strange man
adonai, you can wrestle down a mountain
and capitalize, conquest but can’t nationalize
what you headlock, pop sockets,
short circuits, spark sprockets,
it’s in your pocket, fuckit I get it
my knees broken, but that isn’t bending
you can end me, I will never surrender to your rending
you got me on the bottom
but my heart is saltpure and all you got’s sodom
o you gods of the saltwars
I was born wrought from rock of this mountain!

they set us up with this brain we were born in.





peter j hochstedler South Bend, Indiana

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