from by peter j hochstedler



cast your kite out
new morning
sailing it in the wind

clouds pass
and time passes
and you reel it back again

i hope she unnerves you
i hope it's a stalemate
i hope there's a fissure
where you once wrapped around her

go west now
find your desertland
brother, live out your day

it's a big universe, we got
so many stories, we got
so many people to play

but i hope she defeats you
i hope you fall by siege
alone with the constellations
out on your reservation

where do you go for asylum?
what'll you do when you find it?
how will your fingers remember
when your feet just walk away?

cast your kite out
kiss the sky with it
reel it back in

move out west, now
fill your cup, now
with a scratch on the rim

i hope she jumps you
from behind in a dark room
i hope she has you at gunpoint, brother
hijacking your heart

where do you go for asylum?
who will you be when you find it?
how does your body remember
when your feet up and walk away?
your feet, they just walk away

i hope she unmakes you
with no maker to turn to
and no hammer, no nail near
i hope it's that clear


from critters, released October 17, 2010




peter j hochstedler South Bend, Indiana

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