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mother, I’ve been thinking about growing up inside
my room all lego-strewn, alone for hours
and the kids were playing soccer while I was playing god
there in my corner of space and time

and how I’ve been a million places on an aeroplane
I’ve looked down over the atlantic ocean
and sometimes I feel I’m floating through the rooms that I’m in
and it’s a long way, a long way down

blessed are the landlocked, the mountained and the planed
and blessed, those who grow old in their hometown
I’ve ranged a million rooms—their memories intertwine
I got no country, just space and time

mother, there are places I don’t ever want to go
like boston, tampa, or Toledo
I’ve been a million people and I fear I’m running low
I could be no one on a long way down

well blessed are you mary and blessed is your vine
and blessed did I fall from your uterine wall
and blessed is your ocean, your sorrow, your child
we got no country, just space and time

and they can keep their hometown;
we’ll take our long way down


from desert EP, released June 18, 2012
excerpted interviews with Farmer Emily and Farmer Jon




peter j hochstedler South Bend, Indiana

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