find me out, friend, won't you?

won't you skin this paper-thin membrane I've been a-caperin' in
flay this comic cape I've been a-drapin' in
crack the rim of the gasconadin' grin-of-the-brain I've been a-breakin' in

find me out!
find me out!

jack o' the wood
jack of all t'rades
I've been
jackin' around this whole world that we made, we made it--
bloody and hollowed (fruit)
blood 'round the fuckhole
blood on the ax
and the ax at the root

o friend, I got this worn out song
it was over long ago but it plays on
I am a pawn and you are a pawn
and they're selling what sells
of our whistles and bells; won't you--

spin this grim politic so slick I can swallow it? no--
soul me a rabbit slowly down the hole so I can follow it? no--
make me a man I can handle!
some star-spangled hobo!
some infinite candlestick burning holy so I can hallow it--

won't you find me out?
find me out?

cat got my cradle
cat got my tongue
cat's been
doing what a cat will since the years I was young
cat's been
come quick, come crawlin'
there's a sound in the evening
it is sickened and bawlin'

o friend, I got this worn out song--
it died years ago but half-lives on
but if you lie close to me now that the day is done
I will go down on you with the words of my tongue

you are bold as a birch!
badass as a gail
that wails out the windows in the spire of a church
though you weary of heart be,
I am quickened in your heartbeat
danced in your pulse
resurrected in your glory, won't you--

speak the word only--
you are god to me--
and I will well be

find me out fully--
know my entirety--
and love me, withal, tell me--

let's make us a bright banner unfurled--
cell unhinged, hell out-hurled--
some new world grown out this shell where we fell be--

find me out!
find me out!





peter j hochstedler South Bend, Indiana

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