it comes in a moment, you see
the old demon in me
and I'm awake in our dark room

and the four walls
four corners
four chambers and the dry womb

and I stroke the white head
of my regret
and the house is a continent

all floating a vast iron conical cast
in the evening ocean globe

only the rinds
left of the melony day
sweet smile of the mooncat
trust and obey

it comes in pill-form to me
in the clasp of a dream
in the latch of an ivy door

and you can smell the musk
and feel the breath of the dust
making microcosmic war

what awful lines!
seedling and vine!
they were digging up death from my chest

it comes so quietly--
devil, flee!
the fever-jesus-sweat-song of my pores

hey, calico children
clomb the top of the world
dark sails of the moonboat
tickle and twirl

give me another day
tethered together

light me a candleway
my wax-waning brother

o god, let me carve you out
melon and skin

your bed is a turning place
in my wandering
my wandering





peter j hochstedler South Bend, Indiana

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